Monday, November 23, 2009

Bye Bye Grandma Lady

Who knew a month could go by so fast. We held back the tears and said our farewells to Grandma Lady yesterday. It really was such a treat to have her stay for an extended visit here in Logan with us this past month. The time flew by, but we accomplished much in the weeks she was here. The quilt for Isla's bed kept us busy the entire time she was here, but we still managed to make several outings in and around Logan, even made a special mother daughter trip into Salt Lake to witness the Morman tabernacle choir rehearse late one night. I am truly grateful to have had the extra support in the way of babysitting, but what was more appreciated was having the company. 

The kids loved her to bits and I cried watching Roscoe stand atop the stairs last night calling her name. They will surely miss her. 

But the good news is that in only two short weeks we'll be joining her again for a little Mexican holiday in Mazatlan! whoo hoo

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gladventurer said...

I felt a big tug in my heart too Eden when you wrote about Roscoe calling for me at the stairs. The days will surley fly and we will see you all in sunny Mazatlan soon.