Friday, September 4, 2009

Tea time

Robin submitted his proposal this week for his graduate studio class and I expect our lone teapot that we brought down with us is soon to find some competition. The graduates have to outline their intentions at the beginning of each semester as to how they plan to focus those endless hours they put in over there. 

Robin's idea has been to focus on 'pouring vessels', beginning with teapots, coffee pots and then move on to pitchers. This summer he made a whack load of them for the studio sale we had at our place and I think the process of making those forms again after a year of concentrating on the larger pieces worked up his appetite to make some more this fall. The photos are some quick shots he took of some of the work he had at the sale. 

Besides he insists there is no better person to be making teapots under the watchful eye of -  John Neely - a teapot master. Robin is really looking forward to pushing along his forms and getting them into crit with John. 

John has a show up right now with AKAR, where you can see his current body of work. AKAR is likely the leading ceramics gallery in the country, based out of of Iowa city which began as an architectural practice which then bridged to open a gallery and design store not limited to ceramics, but certainly with strong clay representation. It's online presence is huge for ceramic artists and collectors. Perhaps one day there might be a DuPont pot or two available on AKAR! 


gladventurer said...

great site Eden. Spent several minutes roaming the gallery.

twohig's said...

great looking tea pots...makes me want to come over and chat over a cup of tea :)