Saturday, September 5, 2009

Big bed for Belly

Since arriving back in Utah a few weeks ago, I have noticed a certain little person making a presence in our bed more and more during the middle of the night. Some nights I give in and just let her crawl in beside me and we both easily fall back asleep. Then there are other nights that I lay awake gasping for air as I am sandwiched between two heaters. 

I decided that beyond an incentive for her to sleep the entire night in her own bed, she is probably ready for a bigger bed. So we talked up the idea for a few days, did a bit of research on mattress prices and then chose today to make the purchase. We took advantage of all the big labour day weekend sales and got a pretty good mattress for a fair price. 

What was even more fun was taking her out to buy sheets. Why am I not surprised that we came home with a hot pink comforter to boot? It's boldness has inspired me to get working on her first quilt this winter. I may have to enlist the help of my mom, an expert quilter, at least to get me going on the project. 

Isla was pretty excited tonight at bedtime, even stopped me short of finishing her story before bed to say she was ready to go to sleep.  

And it'll sure beat sleeping on the floor! 


twohig's said...

Fun! and I love the sheets :)

gladventurer said...

How exciting for everyone
...a new bed!