Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Onggi Adam

Our good friend Adam Field has been staying with us all this week. Adam is another one of these clay junkies that Robin met way back at a workshop at the Archie Bray and he is currently on a month long ceramics focused tour, with his first stop - Logan Utah! 

Adam came up to fire two kilns here at the school, the salt and soda, with a body of work that he'll be showing at Trax Gallery in California that opens this coming weekend. He certainly burned the midnight oil while he was here, staying up late each night glazing and loading and firing off the two kilns. I had a chance to sneak over and check out his wares the morning after he unloaded and it looks like it'll be sweet show. 

While he's at Trax he's also offering a Korean Onggi ware workshop. In 2008, while living in Korea, Adam did a 10 month apprenticeship with Onggi Master Kim Il Mann. Onggi is a Korean pottery tradition (earthenware) for making large storage vessels for everyday use (storage for pickled vegetables, bean pastes, soy sauces etc). The technique used to make these jars is what is so amazing, because the method produces monumental sized jars in very little time. 

Adam has become quite well known for this video that he made and put up on You Tube that shows this method of making Onggi ware.

After that he's got three more workshops before he heads back to Durango, CO to pick up his son Juno and then the two of them head over to Korea to meet up with his wife Heesoo who is expecting their second baby this fall! Whew, and I thought my life was exhausting. Good luck to you Adam, it was great to hang out this week. 

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Michael Kline said...

I'd love to see Adam's pots someday. I look forward to reading about your adventures, too!