Saturday, September 12, 2009


Just tucked two very tired little people into bed after pulling their limp exhausted bodies out of their car seats, several hours past their bed time, and not a peep from either of them in the transition from car to bed. We've been festivalling! The last couple days seem to have had more of an agenda than most weeks do for us. 

Friday morning started out with a hike up Green Canyon with our friends Kate and her two kiddies. We didn't anticipate getting very far because we were all on foot, including Roscoe and his similarly pint sized friend Maggie. We stopped to check out many leaves and rocks and sticks along the trail, but I have to say they did pretty good. Then later that afternoon we picked up Robin and headed over to the campus where they were having a kids festival for USU families. Various departments put together plenty of child friendly crafts and activities which kept Isla and Roscoe well entertained, their favorite booth was the fishing pond. My favorites were watching Isla eat a dried cricket at the Anthropology booth, and seeing a gummy bear explode after being injected with some liquid at the Physics booth. 

Then this morning we rode to the Gardener's Market to purchase our weekly produce. Luckily we ran into some neighbors that happily agreed to bring our veggies home with them in their car. I was thankful to not have to pull the additional weight up the big hill home since I was hauling the bike trailer with the two kids in it.  Isla and Roscoe are heavy enough as it is, its a pretty darn big hill and it is corn and peach season after all. 

Our afternoon took us out Logan Canyon to the local ski hill, Beaver Mountain, where they were hosting the first annual Beaver Mountain outdoor music festival. We didn't get their until after 4 p.m. and I was anticipating a short stay, but the kids were troopers and they danced, ran around, ate junk food, played foosball and danced some more until they both insisted on being carried around at which point I decided it was probably time to head home. I think tomorrow we'll likely lay low. 


gladventurer said...

What's that I see in Roscoe's hand/mouth?????

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Just got back from Garlic was fun too!