Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Anniver-soiree!

Tonight there was a big party, it included wine and fine Italian cuisine and a smashing couple all dolled up to hit the town in honor of their 8th wedding anniversary. Robin and I were the only two party guests invited - and for good reason. It was actually a fairly impromptu decision, I was tickled when we were able to rally our neighbors to take on the kidlets for the dinner hour (or two) which left us free to go out. 

We headed off to a local joint that the locals rave about, a little classier choice than Angie's Diner or the Olive Garden. This place, Le Nonne, offered ambiance AND amazing cuisine. We had a great waiter and since our night out began early enough in the evening to accommodate for small children, we even had the pick of the patio as to where to sit. 

The place actually had a very similar feel and calibre to a favorite back home in Nelson, The All Season's Cafe. Even the outdoor patio had a familiar set up beneath a canopy of over arching trees. Once owned by some good friends, and another connection to the place was with our very good friend Adam who is still the head chef, the place was always our top pick for a special night out. I fondly remember several anniversary dinners being served up at the All Seasons in the past 8 years, so it was only fitting that we fall upon a place much like it tonight. 
We toasted one another on the past eight years of marriage and to the next eight months of the school year ahead. One thing is for sure - we both know how lucky we are to have found and held on to one another in this crazy so called life. 


twohig's said...

happy anniversary Eden! I am sorry I didn't know! I am glad you two got to go out alone..and especially to Le Nonne...YUM.
Well, happy anniversary to you and Robin!

Julie MacMillan said...

Happy belated anniversary! Looks like it was a sweet night out! Cheers from your cus~ Juels