Friday, August 28, 2009

We survived, the pansies didn't.

Here are the two students, soaking up some morning sunshine early last week, deep in discussion about 'going back to school', and cheerful enough to pause for a photo opportunity for the mama's blog. 

We all survived the first week back at school. Although Robin's week turned out to be somewhat chaotic. His registration paperwork still unresolved because of some administrative error, so his own course schedule remains undetermined. But he was prepped and ready for his own teaching - an undergraduate Intro to Ceramics course and this year the Lifespan (Community Education) nightclass. 

It's looking like it'll be a full load between his own classes and the teaching.  

Isla on the other hand slipped back into preschool without a hitch. She was rosy cheeked and amped Tuesday morning when I dropped her off, mostly excited about seeing her buddies and snack time (was what I derived from our breakfast conversation that morning). She'll be going to preschool two mornings a week this semester.
Much to Isla's delight, the rest of the week was spent mostly hanging out with friends at home too! With the weather being still really warm, that meant a mixture of outdoor activities (running in the sprinkler, a trip to the waterslide pool, hitting the playground, bubble fun in the backyard, and picking fruit) and indoor activities to beat the heat (setting up racetracks on the stairs, playing ponies and helping out in the kitchen). 

I had a few projects of my own this week which I easily enlisted the kids into helping with. While we were away this summer we had a neighborhood kid take care of the lawn for us, which I failed to mention to him included watering the front window box, so unfortunately all the pansies we planted in the spring with my mom were nothing but a heap of dried stems by the time we got back. So Roscoe, Isla and her little friend Jackson and I took a trip to the garden store and picked out a whole bunch of heavily discounted annuals to pretty up the front window box again. 
Part of my duties at the farm this summer at the farm also included tending to the amazing flower gardens, deadheading and watering. I think as a result, I've caught the flower bug and am already envisioning landscaping our property back home, even though that might be a couple years out. For now I'll have to be content with this sweet little box out front our rental here in Logan. 

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