Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sibling love

There is nothing sweeter than that first introduction of a new baby to an older sibling. 

All those months of anticipation, watching mommy's belly get bigger with each passing week, all the talk of a new little buddy to hang out with, all the preparations for a new role as the 'big kid' and mommy's 'helper'. 

We send out a big congratulations to our nephew Nolan who has just become a big brother and acquired his very own sidekick, Landon Joseph, born May 28th. Big hugs and congrats to the mom and dad too! 

Here's a flashback to when we introduced Isla Belle to her brother Roscoe. It's amazing to think how much they've changed and grown. 

Congratulations Mick and Erin! Enjoy these precious times, they really do go by so fast. We can't wait to see you all in a month. 

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Isla looks so tiny in this picture...and Took so big!