Saturday, June 6, 2009

People can change

I have always attested that knitting is a cold weather sport, for me anyways. Usually in the late spring some time, once I've packed away our winter garb, stuffed a duffel full of mittens, scarves and toques and removed all the heavy footware from the front entrance, I also lay down my knitting needles. 

Spring flowers and warm daytime temperatures don't particularly inspire me to whip up some heavy woolen woolies in my spare time. Not that I haven't tried. In fact, a few summers ago I was determined to finish a baby blanket for my sister in law, who was expecting in September! That meant I needed to have incredible foresight and planning to finish such a project as a blanket well in advance of the onset of warmer weather. But I'm not really that organized of a person, and I did knit throughout that summer, but only after dark when it seemed more appropriate to do so. So after that project I resolved that I am a cool weather knitter. 

Until now, that is. While Robin was gone I started a 'market bag' project from a book my mom gifted me when she was here at Easter. I gave myself permission to bend the rules since it didn't involve heavy wool. Instead I bought some very cool brightly coloured bamboo yarn that was slick and smooth to work with. 

I finished the bag a few days ago and finally got to test it out at the real Saturday market this morning. I learned a new stitch in the process, the knotted mesh stitch, which makes the bag stretch to accommodate all that yummy produce you pick up at the market! I'm very pleased with how it turned out, so pleased that I picked up some more yarn, 100% cotton this time, to make another bag in lime green! 

Roscoe digs my new bag too!

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gladventurer said...

Way-to-Go Eden!

Your bag looks great and so do you modelling it. Nowlookforward toseeing the lime green one.