Saturday, May 9, 2009

Diddly squat

That's what we've been up to these last few days since Kim and her handsome smiley guy Daniel arrived - a whole lotta nothing. And it has been fantastic. We had great ambitions to travel the state together with our children, perhaps even do an out of state trip north to see the Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming. Instead we've decided this visit is all about the the food, the friendship and the familiar. 

Let's face it, a road trip with a 3 year old, an 18 month old and a 9 month old??????? The kids have been more than happy to hang out here in Logan this week, listening to the constant chatter of their mothers in the background whilst playing in the yard, making pancakes, hiking in the canyon, planting a strawberry patch, going for ice cream, taking in the Farmers Market season opener. We haven't really done much, really. 

Little Daniel has been charming us all with his brilliant smiles and ambition to crawl, even though he has been feeling under the weather and naps three times a day. Isla has become the apple of his eye and produces giggles and squeals of delight from Daniel with her twirls and baby talk. Roscoe is equally intrigued with this new little person that has arrived on the scene, but favors his Auntie Kimmy and goes to great lengths to spend as much time sitting in her lap as he can manage.

Here's a few shots of our week so far.........

Meanwhile, 15 hours ahead on the other side of the planet, the dada is having his own fun.....We think he's joined some kind of boy band. Let's hope it's a phase. 

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Nice shades, Dada.

Great pics. Looks like you're having a fabulous visit.