Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another year older...

...but none the wiser. Okay maybe a little.

I turned 33 yesterday and this morning I discovered a very predominant laugh line on the left side of my mouth. It's new, seriously, it wasn't there on Monday because I remember looking closely at my face in the mirror early that morning and wondering if I felt or looked any different (which I didn't). But today is another matter. 

I attribute the newly acquired wrinkle to how enjoyable and fantastic this past week has been, with  so much to celebrate and plenty to laugh about. Our ability to be productive and accomplish great things didn't get any better since my last post. For the most part we found ourselves stuck at home with a minimum of one napping child, but still managed to make at least one outing per day while Kim and Daniel were here. But it really didn't matter, the purpose of our visit was clear to us anyways. 

Sunday evening we celebrated Mother's day and and braved a meal out at a local Mexican restaurant with all the kids. Luckily the waiter seated us near the kitchen and the boys were kept entertained by the blender that seemed to be whipping up Margaritas all night. We toasted one another with a couple of our own slushy cocktails and I was tickled as pink as my strawberry drink when I was asked for ID!   

Kim and Isla put themselves to work making a decadent chocolate cake from the Rebar cookbook, and showered me with presents throughout the next day. I got a special birthday message from Robin, who was enroute to China that day. He'll be in China for the next three or four days and then back in Korea by the end of the week.
Then we packed the Jeep up with firewood, hotdog sticks and the appropriate roasting edibles and went up into Green Canyon to meet friends for a birthday campfire. It was a beautiful night and the kids loved tromping around the trails while we adults tended the fire and ate cake. 

Roscoe was most thrilled with the cake eating part of the evening, but got a little nasty when we tried to take his plate away from him. 

It was a superb evening and birthday day all around. Kim and I polished off another bottle of wine that night and stayed up a little later than we likely should have, just enjoying the last few hours of our week together. Now as mommies, and over 15 years since we first became friends, we laughed a lot this week about how we used to predict what it would be like one day when we would  be mothers, would be more responsible and have plenty more wrinkles.....

Thanks for the fabulous visit Kimmy, and for the memories. All of them! 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Great pictures! Looks like Took is going to give Beanie a run for his money as "top sweet tooth" in the family.

Glad you had such a great week with Kimmy.

Miss you!

kate said...

love the picture of Roscoe guarding his cake!

Tasha said...

Happy Birthday kiddo! And a belated Happy Mother's day to a great mom, too!