Monday, November 3, 2008

First Grad Exhibition

Tonight we got all dolled up and went off to our first art exhibition here in Logan. The exciting part was that Robin was part of the show. It was the graduate student art show, mostly consisting of ceramics it seemed, but there were a few printmaking, photography and sculpture pieces. 

Robin had three of his large jars in the show. He spent a good part of the weekend helping with set up. The graduate exhibition is an annual show, featuring the work of incoming, current and outgoing graduate students from the art department. Ceramics is typically heavily represented, likely due to the faculty's commitment to building up the department and program over time - it seems to get more attention and more students than the other departments.  This year's show is titled Passages. 

Exhibition openings have different rules here in Logan. Being that we are on a 'dry' campus, in a nearly 'dry' town - means no booze. We've grown accustomed back home to mingling around the refreshment table at openings, sipping wine and snacking off of cheese platters. Last night the cheese was there, they even had grapes, but no vino. I had to chuckle at the large punch bowl that served up the thirst quenching ice water with a side of lemon.  

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gladventurer said...

Isla sure looks all grown up.

Here I am in Lacombe tonight. Life is never dull for this GrandmaLady.Off to Nelson whenever Iwake upin the morning!