Sunday, November 2, 2008

And the rain came down

Yesterday may have been our last glorious sunshiny day here in Logan. We spent most of it outside playing in the leaves and soaking up the warmth of the afternoon sun. I even went down to the hardware store in the afternoon to buy a rake, after much procrastinating about getting on with the fall yard cleanup. But we never did get those leaves picked up. 

And now they are soaking wet. It must have started raining in the night sometime. This morning we woke up to a valley full of fog and drenched streets. The weather forecast is for more of the same for the next few days anyways. I suppose I can't complain. It has only rained twice since we arrived in August. 

The weather sort of matches our mood this weekend. Our hearts are heavy for my sister and her family, especially for her husband Mark, whose father passed away yesterday. We are thinking of them all and wishing we weren't so far away during these times. 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Thanks schwessie....I miss you.

www.anns blog said...

Hi Eden
Thankyou for caring.

gladventurer said...

Here I am in Calgary having spent less than 24 hours in Mazatlan.
Off to Lacombe to get my car then to Golden and then Nelson on Wed!

Chris and Sarah met me at the airport tonight. Staying here at Sarah's tonight.

Leaves will be there in the spring Eden good night! mom