Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Far from home

I am feeling especially far from home today. Last night I received the upsetting news from my sister that our brother Chris had been in a skiing accident and has seriously injured his back, with a possible spine fracture. Thankfully it all turned okay. He had a long day of being transported by ambulance to another town to have further tests done. All measures taken were precautionary in case he really had broken his back. But he didn't, thank god! 

He's now back at home, pretty sore, but okay.    A lucky coincidence is that my mom is still in the country, after having spent the last week in Nelson, and is able to hang out with him for a couple days.  He also has his most wonderful girlfriend at his side, who spent her entire day chasing his ambulance.  Thank you for being there Sarah! 

It is times like these that bring you careening back into reality, faced with all the ugly "what if" thoughts. Especially being so far from home, and feeling so helpless to react. I'm so relieved things turned out the way they did, and have never been so happy to hear his voice this afternoon when he called to tell me so. 


www.anns blog said...

Hello Eden
I have read your blog and please give my good wishes to Chris. It was all very upsetting for you all but I'm pleased the outcome is brighter. I'm having much trouble with my email so please tell Kiersten when you speak that I have got the news from your blog.
Lind yhoughts to you all.

gladventurer said...

Grandma Ladybird is about to fly again now that things have settled down. Meeting with Sarah and Chris tonight in Calgary and early flight back to Mazatlan tomorrow.

Thank goodness for West Jet and it's prices!