Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Day with Daniel

Meet Daniel David, the main reason for our trip home. My very best friend Kim and her hubbie Chris are the proud parents of this little cutie pie. Kim and little D are home visiting her parents for the week as well, so we purposely coordinated our trips so that we could hang out.

Today we got them all to ourselves. We decided on the zoo for an outing that we thought would engage and entertain miss Isla Belle, while allowing for Kim and I to catch up and have a good visit. But really we could have found a set of stairs and a pile of rocks and Isla would have been just as thrilled all the same . Our attempts to entice her with pink flamingos and tigers flopped, even the new baby elephant didn't hold her attention for very long. Although she was pleased as punch to find out the zoo had a playground and the ice cream kiosk was a definite hit.

While Isla ran circles around us, up and down concrete stairs and structures, Roscoe and Daniel contentedly took in the sights and smells and Kim and I chatted away to our hearts content. By late afternoon Isla had run out of steam and we all headed home for a nap. Later we ventured out into Fish Creek Park for an early evening stroll and then home for supper and stories. Isla and Roscoe crashed out and fell soundly asleep at which point little Daniel decided it was his turn to come alive.

At only 6 weeks old, he is already smiling and cooing and wiggling like crazy. His mama and dada are avid outdoor enthusiasts and will have him scaling mountains, skiing and surfing all before he learns to walk likely. In fact, they are off to Australia next month for a little family adventure down under.

It may be several months before we get to hang with little Daniel again after this visit so we plan to get in as many cuddles this next week as we can.

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Kim said...

I just updated myself on the last few months of your blog and I have to say I'm a little "vaclempft" (I can't remember how to spell it - think it's the lingering placenta brain!!) I miss you a lot - wish very much we could be close enough to have tea at night, weekly walks with our kiddies and great food and wine together every weekend - just like those few blissful years in Calgary where we lived close enough that I could show up crying on your doorstep at 11:00 at night. I love you - and I know you'll find a way to "grow" and make these next couple years productive and memorable in many ways - you're already on your way with writing the blog. I really do admire you - you're an amazing role model - Thanks. Now goodnight before I start crying. (thanks for the chat tonight xox rd & duble D