Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cuzin' Time

Since our arrival Thursday evening, Isla and Rosoce have been lapping up the attention of their cousins Ryleigh, Cian, Sophie and Fraser. It's been so wonderful to watch Isla especially laugh and play with her cousins, that she has obviously missed dearly. Despite my best efforts to talk often about family and friends since we've been in Utah, nothing beats the real thing.

Over the last three days we've enjoyed some gorgeous fall weather days in Calgary. The kids enjoyed a lunch and long play together at the Glenmore Park playground. We also spent much of the weekend hanging out with the Morgan clan (voted most hospitable and child friendly house in Calgary).

We took in both the Millarville and Calgary Farmer's Market and I found myself shocked by the prices of things, realizing how quickly I have become spoiled by the inexpensive living in Logan I've grown accustomed to already. Dumbfounded by the $2.75 asking price for a drip coffee, you can imagine my horror when I found out a peach pie goes for a whopping $23.00 these days. But enough about the costs of things, watching Isla with reunite with her cousins this weekend has made this trip worth every penny it cost us to get here.

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www.anns blog said...

So pleased you had such a good trip.
I love the photo on your blog of Isla and Fraser. Enjoy Logan prices while you can.