Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Utah State Fair

Yesterday we took our first trip into the big city with the kids. It was nearly 3 p.m. when the car was packed, the kids buckled and we had the rest of the days chores behind us to finally hit the highway south towards Salt Lake City. 

The drive is quite beautiful. Shortly outside of Logan the road veers east into the Wellsville mountain range. Winding through a canyon, the highway passes through hillside residential developments as well as stretches of steep and rugged sagebrush terrain. About 1/2 hours drive through the range and you pop out on the other side at Brigham City. 

The highway then connects up with the I-15 interstate and the next thing you know you're deep into the urban sprawl of Salt Lake City. Our destination was the Utah State Fairgrounds, not far from the city centre. 

The $8 admission fee at the gate bought us an evening's worth of greasy food concession stands, wild carnival rides, exhibit halls and people watching. Likely a total sensory overload for the kids, it was fun to watch them take in the sights and sounds. Isla was especially impressed with the drop of doom, check out her drop of the jaw....

Our indulgences included a $6 deep fried onion, some Hawaiian rotissarrie chicken and a pony ride for Belle. Both Roscoe and Isla exceeded our expectations, staying up several hours past their usual bedtimes  - with smiles on their faces even. 

We headed home well after dark, leaving the lights of the city behind us. It was a great family outing. My only complaint was the after effects of that deep fried onion, certainly not worth the six dollar price ticket. 

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Anonymous said...

Holy Crap Eden - Roscoe's HUGE! You guys look great - sun tanned and happy. Glad you had a great day at the fair. It was just Elly and I last night. We took a walk on the golf course and called down the moon, thinking of all our missing gals, but especially you. Seems like you chose a wonderful spot. We've all been processing a lot - fruit and veggies I mean. Getting ready for winter. Miss you grrl.
love to you and fam,