Monday, September 15, 2008

From one mountain biker's mecca to another

It was a good thing I talked Robin into bringing his downhill bike with us to Utah. He figured he would be so busy in the studio, and that his green cruiser would be all that he needed to get to and from school. But to think that he wouldn't have the opportunity to get out on a trail at some point, I mean, isn't Utah one of the mountain biking capitals of the WORLD???? 

Well the opportunity came sooner than he thought. This weekend, Robin and a couple of the other grad students, Trevor and Ernie, packed up their bikes and gear and headed up Logan Canyon. The trail is called the Tony Grove trail, named after the lake at the trailhead. It leads north up the canyon to another lake, White Pine Lake and then heads south again past a number of ponds and springs, and offers some spectacular vistas of  the Mount Naomi Wilderness along the way.
From what I can tell of the photos Robin took, it was a great day out and he was happy to strike a balance amongst his hectic pace of making work and teaching.  His day trip brings to mind all the amazing places that I hope to see while we are living here in Utah. It would be a crime not to take advantage of the proximity of living so close to places like the Dinosaur National Monument, Zion National Park, Moab, Jackson Hole and all other incredible ski destinations in this state. Heck, we're only 8 hours from Vegas!

We are realizing that we've moved from one recreational backyard paradise and landed ourselves in another. All of the activities are the same; hiking, biking, paddling, skiing -  just with a slightly different flavour. Can't complain, I could have ended up in Nebraska. 


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www.anns blog said...

Dear Eden snd family
I love reading your blog that I click onto via Kiersten's. Everywhere looks great and it would be such a shame not to take advantage of all the places while you are there. Hope you don't mind my reading your news.
Ann Packham (Mark's Mum)