Friday, September 19, 2008

The Nap Trap

I am being held captive in my own house by my two small children and their ridiculous napping schedule. With Roscoe wanting to take his big nap in the mornings (9 - 11 ish) and then Isla needing to go down by 1:30 for a couple of hours- it doesn't leave much time for getting out and about. Especially when I also have to fit in a meal in that 2 hour window. 

I'm feeling a bit trapped!

Today we took a chance and packed up our snacks and diaper bag and headed out before Roscoe started showing signs of any sleepiness overcoming him. We went on another date with Kate and her kids to a nature park kids group. The Stokes Nature Park offers all kinds of programming at their interpretive centre, but today was an exception, the program was held in a community just south of Logan called Nimbley at an orchard. 

We were amongst a whole raft of preschoolers and babes out at the orchard picking pears, plums (3 varieties), peaches and apples. Isla seemed to enjoy the songs and activities and especially the company of so many other little people. Roscoe eventually took his time out and fell asleep in the backpack, only to be rudely awakened to be put back in his carseat. 

It is truly harvest season here. Our pear tree in the backyard is weeping fruit now. Every day (while my kids are napping) I head out there to pick up the overripened ones that have fallen on the ground around the tree trunk. If anyone knows of a good recipe that calls for 50some pears in it let me know.     

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Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

This looks like fun. Sounds like Kate is getting you connected!