Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lesson learned

What happens when you spend four hours making a very large pot on the wheel and then invite your toddler to have a closer look? KERSPLATT! 

I only wish I had the camera. We dropped in on Robin at the studio yesterday afternoon on our way to the park. He was about to wrap things up and join us for a lovely saturday afternoon together, that was until Isla stepped on the wheel peddle and 35 pounds of clay went spiraling into the air. 

Seriously, it's only funny now after the fact. All that work. I suppose we all learned our lesson. Needless to say Robin didn't join us at the park, he stayed and worked on another large jar for the rest of the day. 

We actually never made it to the park. We were on our way there when we were stopped on a bystreet by a parade procession. It was the APPLE DAY Parade.  So we jumped out and took in the local regalia. 

Marching band in Apple days parade.

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