Monday, January 15, 2018

In the rearview - FORM

Last year at this time we were putting the finishing touches on the new shed and permanent home for FORM - our refurbished airstream gallery. Keeping pace with the continuous demand for covered storage, we were stoked to have @norse_furniture design build this timber home for our silver gem.

Not realizing at that time, but 2017 would become thematically about the trailer. It hardly had time to get settled in before we took it on the road for the first time in March.

When we first renovated the vintage 1959 Flying Cloud, the intention was for it to serve as a showroom and gallery space for Robin's work. But throughout the renos, we realized the potential in using the trailer to promote and build awareness of contemporary ceramics on a grander scale  - by taking advantage of the mobile aspect and distinctive form! Everybody loves an airstream.

Its first excursion away from the valley last year was to the coast, to become a feature of the Canadian Clay Symposium in Burnaby at the Shadbolt Centre. Robin curated a group show for this event, and the response was fantastic!

Spring and summer months were spent planning and landscaping around the shed back home. A fortuitous trade ensued with our potter pal Cam who is building his own kiln just down the road....stone steps for fire brick!

And voila! Steps up to the site.

Equally exciting has been the landscaping and gardening around the space. With much guidance and generosity from a wonderful local gardener and friend, xo, the first perennials were carefully selected for what would optimally grow amongst the cedar trees. I can hardly wait to see what the ground reveals this spring when all the snow melts away.

The steps were complete and the trailer was stocked up for our annual culture tour studio show and sale that we participate in each August. Thank goodness for the little soda kiln that could....because it churned out plenty of pots while the wood kiln sat loaded and quiet all through the late spring and summer months due to the fire bans, but that's another post for another time.

In late September, we rolled out onto the highway again, trailer in tow. This time headed east for Regina, Saskatchewan. The two day journey across the prairies to participate in the annual 1000 Miles Apart student conference, hosted by the UofR. Another terrific curated show of excellent pots by excellent people.

FORM is now nestled into her mountainside home for the winter. The snow continues to pile up around us, but with a few firings under our belt this fall she's stocked up again and always ready for visitors, anytime!

Just be sure to give us a call in advance, in case we are out skiing;)
Happy 2018!

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