Sunday, October 8, 2017

In the spirit of making pie and giving thanks....

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on The Potter's Wife, for any number of excusable reasons and rearranging of priorities.  But this morning as I was making pie for Thanksgiving Dinner, and remembering the last batch of pies I made for a group of enthusiastic individuals.....I'm reminded of how important it is to stop and take stock every now and then of what we’ve been up to.

Earlier last month we hosted 12 wonderful people at our property for a firing workshop. It was a mix of urban/rural, BC/AB, male/female, experienced/new to clay enthusiasts. Organized by the Alberta Potters Association, the initial intention and group’s desire was to fire our train wood kiln. Leading up the workshop, the three straight months of summer sun was terrific in many respects, but who knew it would throw a monkey wrench into our fall firing schedule as well. Due to the unprecedented fire season here in BC, the wood firing workshop evolved into a soda firing workshop which the group graciously accepted as a consolation prize.

They fired the gas fuelled soda kiln twice, each time employing slightly different firing strategies to add to the learning opportunity around atmospheric kilns, and in turn achieved varied surfaces in their work.  In between body reduction and soda introductions, Robin gave talks on his atmospheric processes, firing techniques and shared stories about the endless variables at play in this genre. The group toured the studio, milled about the kilns and wood piles and frequented the airstream gallery to contemplate the finished work and surfaces.

Instead of chopping and stacking, the change accommodated for more visiting and great conversations around this ‘life with clay’. 

As a pottery adjacent (non-maker), I am always so appreciative of the clay community. These folks were awesome in every way! They were respectful of our property and privacy, helpful and engaged, and evidently invested in taking it all in.

I so appreciated everyone’s contribution around our place, to prepare and share meals together and to add to the dialogue around what it means to embrace a life with clay. Seen through their eyes, I am thankful for the reminder of what we’ve built here on the mountainside and look forward to more opportunities to share and educate others that wish to contribute to what we’re creating here.

So in the spirit of eating pie and giving thanks this very weekend, thank you;) 

Until next time….

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