Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Spring 'Break'

Our Spring Break has come and gone. And although the word 'Spring' doesn't come to mind to describe our week off of school, there was in fact a 'Break' - an unfortunate one!

Our poor little friend Eden and I now have another thing in common (other than our name). We both broke our leg downhill skiing at a young age! Little Eden landed herself in a cast after a very unfortunate dismount off the towrope on a day that was meant to be the kickstarter to a fantastic week of spring break adventures with our two families.
Carmen and I managed to re-think our initial plans and came up with a variety of outings that included some fun places, all equipped with public wheelchairs. I was amazed at Eden's spirit and Isla's need to nurture her little friend made for some memorable times.

We hit the aisles of IKEA and the Manitoba Museum, not to mention several indoor playdates that involved picnics, painting toes and craft making sessions.

Spring keeps promising to arrive, and hopefully before we know it we'll be saying, 'remember the winter that never ended......and when Eden broke her leg?????'

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gladventurer said...

....nothing better than a special friend who is there when you need her......GL