Tuesday, May 22, 2012

After the rains

The last day of the holiday long weekend here was wet, and the rain kept up all night long last night. On the drive to school this morning, there was even a little mud slide that had come down the mountain and had made its way across the highway, making for some early morning excitement.

By late-afternoon the clouds had cleared enough for us to go adventuring on a new forest path that Grandma Lady had spent time coursing out earlier in the day despite the rain.

The kids loved the new trail and the early evening sunshine made for a beautiful walk through the woods.


gladventurer said...

Life does not get any better than this, 2 1/2hours of "pruning the forest" on my own in amongst the giant cedar , spruce and incredible undergrowth. Oh yes and a small, small stream to navigate!

Michael Rennie said...

Hi Eden,

Mike Rennie here- just wanted to leave you some way of getting ahold of us- mdrennie"at"gmail.com. Let us know if you need a place to stay on a househunting trip or something before you move here- you're all more than welcome.

Hope to hear from you soon.