Monday, April 30, 2012

Previously on TPW....

Whenever I do get sucked into a television series, I'm always grateful to the producers for that 30 second into clip that is obviously made for people just like me that don't have such things as PVRs or lead such chaotic and random lives.

A few years back, Robin and I were hooked on the 'LOST' series, and even if I had managed to watch several episodes in a row, that was one crazy show that required a precursor regardless of how loyal a viewer you were. I can still hear Richard's creepy voice...'previously on Lost'...

Akin with the randomness that is my life, this past year somehow got away from me and I'm feeling the need to fill in some of the blanks that the blog may have missed. Looking back, I was able to capture only a few of the highlights of our time in the city on the blog, but we did so much more, saw so much more, than the archive might lead you to believe.

So then, with that precursor here are a few snapshots of moments you might have missed!

Previously on the Potter's Wife....

Episode 1: City Market buskers

Episode 4: Olympic Plaza skating!

 Episode 11: Sampling City Slushies

Episode 15: Roller girl!

Episode 17: The Ninja and the Lizard

Episode 21: Alberta Ballet

Episode 24: The Chimney rescue!

Episode 26: Polka Party

Episode 30: Glow in the dark bowling!

Episode 33: Mac turns 84!

Episode 37: Public Art Climbing

 Episode 39: Karaoke Nights!

Episode 42: Family Fun Pass

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kmfm said...

Hi Eden, I am just catching up now. We are in the airport in Chicago just about to board a plane to Sweden. I can't believe you are moving to Winnepeg! Wow! what an adventure. You are going to have to completely ignore the birthday note I wrote to you and sent snail mail...I was behind the Dupont news! I just wanted to say "hi". I will give you a call when we get back to Logan so we can catch up! I hope you are happy and doing well. xoxo