Monday, February 27, 2012


We DuPonts were treated to a wonderful family ski vacation this past week. With mid-winter blues setting in, it was perfect timing for us to retreat to the mountains for some slope time.

The snowflakes started to fall the afternoon we arrived which was an added treat to ski some fresh powder the first day. I am now totally convinced that the family vacation myths out there are just that - bunk! The kids were great, loving every activity from skiing to hot tubbing to gondola rides and even night skiing. By the end of our four day stay they were begging for another night.

The week prior I snuck out to the Kootenays with the kids for a little home time, which meant of winter vacation lasted almost two weeks. We spent a good chunk of our time there playing outdoors in the snow as well. Making the most of the month that can sometimes seem to longest of the year.


gladventurer said...

love the photos and so glad you had a great ski together

Julie MacMillan said...

I've always thought that FEB is the best month ever to have holidays as its the slow mo longer happy its winter and waiting ever so patiently for spring! At least its a gorgeous sunny day here and this prego is lovin and plus when it hits March then May 15th doesn't sound so super far away LOL