Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Old Real Conversations

I recently reconnected with an old friend from my University days here in Calgary. It was an unexpected reunion of sorts, as we both accepted an invite to the same party. Nonetheless it wasn't a total surprise to see one another at this particular event  - and in some ways more fortunate that we hadn't planned it ourselves (the reunion, that is - not the party - it was a very fun party!)

After catching up on the 'where you beens and the what you been up tos'....we reminisced about our University classes and professors which aptly shifted the conversation towards a more philosophical nature. I've found myself thinking about our conversation at the party this week and the value of real conversation.  The kind of conversations that you remember years later - rather than small talk and superficial salutations that you don't.

With all the tweets and sound bytes and blog posts for that matter, I am feeling the need to not forget about how important it is to still connect face to face. Instead of a status post expressing your adoration for someone this Valentine's day, make sure you tell them in person. Learn something new about that special person that you might not know besides what you can look up in their timeline.

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Adam Field said...

Amen to that, looking forward to some quality time with the DuPont family!