Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well, I suppose not entirely. I read this article yesterday that weighed into the debate of 'stay at home' mom vs. 'working mom' and my first thought was....What about all us 'stay at home working' moms? I'm afraid the mommy guilt extends even to this camp.

Juggling pick ups, drop offs, baking, swim and music lessons and playdates with conference calls, skype meetings, report deadlines and the occasional work trip....still means the guilt creeps when I have to reschedule a client meeting because I am volunteering for special lunch day at school, or let's not even talk about the guilt over the amount of screen time Mommy has everyday.

I was contemplating just the other day our constant state of transition and exclaiming how fortunate we have been to have jobs that can accommodate all the crazy life choices we keep making. And I've decided we're all better for it. So instead of guilty feelings, I'm holding strong to the fact that my kids have become more adaptable and enriched by our decisions to keep life interesting for them!

And instead of thinking of our decisions as another 'life stage', I'm going to start theming them:
Utah's theme - all about Higher Education
Calgary's theme - all about Extended Family
Next Year - the unknown (how exciting!?!)

Besides, don't they seem like well adjusted, happy children to you?

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Jeannie said...

They certainly do look like happy, well adjusted kids. If our kids feeled loved... unconditionally... then we've done a good job as parents. The rest sorts it's self out somehow, right?