Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Just Happened!?!

Our Summer just happened, that is what!

I remember back in May thinking about the months that lay ahead and wondering how on earth we were going to manage to fit in all that we were hoping to - a hillside excavation, putting in a garden, a major brick delivery, some beach time, a new kiln and kiln shed, a studio tour and pottery sale and of course lots of barbeque parties on the deck.

Well we did it, and then some. The weather this month made up for all the wet and dreary we had earlier in the summer and amidst the work projects we still made time to lay on the beach, eat ice cream and ride our bikes. The only thing there didn't seem time for was blogging!

The studio sale went of without a hitch and in a good old barn raising fashion, we even got the roof up on the kiln shed. The floor of the kiln got laid, and the rest of the kiln will happen when it happens.

August seemed to happen in such a flash that I am still catching my breath. Oh, and did I mention that we moved to Calgary too?

We packed up our trailer once again this past weekend and headed east instead of south this time. Calgary will be our home for the next 8 months. Another adventure, another chapter for the Potter's wife. Stay tuned.


Adam Field said...

Loved this blog post! So glad to see all the good stuff y'all have been up to. Best of luck in Calgary! I hope it works out for us to make it up for a visit before too long.

elizabeth said...

YaY- looks like a wonderful, productive summer!
I'm so glad you guys are a little closer for a while!

elizabeth said...

This is Liz by the way Eden! In case you wonder who Elizabeth is! ;)