Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Just Happened!?!

Our Summer just happened, that is what!

I remember back in May thinking about the months that lay ahead and wondering how on earth we were going to manage to fit in all that we were hoping to - a hillside excavation, putting in a garden, a major brick delivery, some beach time, a new kiln and kiln shed, a studio tour and pottery sale and of course lots of barbeque parties on the deck.

Well we did it, and then some. The weather this month made up for all the wet and dreary we had earlier in the summer and amidst the work projects we still made time to lay on the beach, eat ice cream and ride our bikes. The only thing there didn't seem time for was blogging!

The studio sale went of without a hitch and in a good old barn raising fashion, we even got the roof up on the kiln shed. The floor of the kiln got laid, and the rest of the kiln will happen when it happens.

August seemed to happen in such a flash that I am still catching my breath. Oh, and did I mention that we moved to Calgary too?

We packed up our trailer once again this past weekend and headed east instead of south this time. Calgary will be our home for the next 8 months. Another adventure, another chapter for the Potter's wife. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hanging Around

Finally the dog days of summer have arrived and between the many projects we have on the go at our place, our only other hang out spot has been the beach! We've had over a week now of solid sunny days, some hot enough to wistfully long for the cooler months that were June and July, but a daily plunge in the cool Slocan waters quickly washes away any of that nonsense.

On the homefront, Robin has been laying brick on his new kiln, trying to get most of the days work in before the hot part of the day, but mostly ends up sweltering away the entire day. Thanks to the help of some good friends this weekend and in particular our pal Cam, who has been dedicated and diligently working away at a timber structure to house the kiln, this past weekend we erected the frame. All it needs now is a roof and voila, some shade to ease the long days working in the sun.

The roof may have to wait another few days though because we're switching gears again this coming weekend for our annual Studio Tour and Pottery Sale at our place. The event takes place both days, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we're hoping for a big turnout, any excuse to get people together for a coffee on the deck and to talk pottery:)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for just the right kind of weather for the weekend. Not too hot, or else everybody might skip the culture tour and head to the beach. Believe me, I know just how tempting the river can be at this time of year.....