Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Hey Day

It was a most festive and celebratory kind of day today, with bright sunshine and warm enough temperatures to make any and every one want to join in on a parade.

And so that is what we did. After a morning in town, dressed in our Sunday best, we congratulated cousin Sophie on her First Communion ceremony, and then headed back out to the valley to change into something a little more costumey for the annual Winlaw May Day Festival.

Alongside a couple other hundred colourfully clad revellers, riding bikes, drumming drums and waving banners, we fell into the flow of the town's parade which took us all the way to the Slocan River and back in just over an hour.

Ariel, the mermaid (aka Isla) and Spidey (Guess who?) rode their bikes, weaving in and out of the moving mass of people, careful to keep an eye on where Mom was at all times and just thrilled to be part of a live parade, the eight annual May Day Water Festival in fact. It was a beautiful afternoon here in the Koots, perfect for donning a Spiderman costume, all for the love of water and one that really felt like summer is only a short ways away. Happy May Day.

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