Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our not so Merry little Christmas

Tried as we might, Christmas 2010 was a bust for our little family. With great expectations of eggnog sipping, some skiing together as a family and shouts of joy from little ones on Christmas morning - the scenario was something more like gatorade chugging, trips to the ER on Christmas day and moans and groans instead of squeals of delight.

What a nightmare! Our little family came down with a very nasty strain of Influenza, nearly a week ago, which made all Christmas festivities and events practically non-existant. Santa took pity on us and did produce some wonderful treats under the tree, but they we met with much less enthusiasm than we had hoped, due to the miserableness we all felt. Instead of the much anticipated Christmas duck dinner we had planned, it was noodles and butter for Christmas day dinner this year.

For some strange, but lucky reason, I seemed to escape the symptoms at first and held strong through the week - able to dole out medicines, fetch cold cloths and make smoothies and chicken soup. That was until yesterday when the illness gripped me, just as I thought I'd escaped it's clutches.

Well folks, I hope you all had a happy and healthy Christmas this year. Let's just say it'll be one I'd rather forget.


gladventurer said...

Lets hope this 'bad dream' is over real soon and good health to all of you is just around the corner in 2011. Look forward to seeing you on the 7th.

kmfm said...

'dislike'! I am so sorry Eden!!!! Such a bummer of a holiday. I hope you all feel extra better really soon! hugs from down 1500E