Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Fine Fir

The Christmas season has officially started in our house, now that the house is filled with the sacred scent of a live tree.

Robin and the kids spent the afternoon traipsing around together to let me get a bit of R&R, after one whopper of a nasty cold took hold of me in the night. I'm sure they got up to all sorts of silliness, and wasn't the least surprised to see a tree strapped to the roof of the car upon their arrival home.

We spent a good part of the evening checking the bulbs on strings of lights strewn about the livingroom, and eventually got our gorgeous tree all a glow. Although the kids almost preferred the lit up dancefloor.


gladventurer said...

Wonderful memories to cherish

Julie MacMillan said...

Awe so the smell of the fir...yet to get that tree up but we got the one outside decorated! Must be so exciting for you to be so close to getting back to your home soil! Luv ya Julie

bfree clay said...

when is robin's show?!!!!!

The Potter's Wife said...

Robin's show is Jan 10th.