Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Suck Truck

It was warm enough this week to do a little leaf raking outdoors. And with the right amount of moisture combined, it made for a wet and soggy mass of leaves to drag to the curb. Although they weren't suitable for pile jumping, at least they didn't blow away.

Besides the curbside recycling and garbage pickup that I am going to dearly miss when we move back to the woods, the Logan City Department also has a curbside leaf pickup. It's fantastic! Around this time of year or sooner, you start to see piles of leaves being collected and mounded at the curb in front of homes. Ambitious folk bag their leaves, but many such as I, just rake them up in a pile and wait.

Wait for the suck truck, and today it came. A garbage truck equipped with a massive sucking hose on the side, designed to drive along and suck up leaves each fall. Worthy of a post, I'd say.

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gladventurer said...

wingeodyI will miss kodax moments from this window!!! They are priceless!