Saturday, November 6, 2010

Korean Style

Our good friend Adam Field is visiting this weekend from Durango, Colorado. He's here to do an Onggi and Carved Porcelain Workshop for the folks at USU, presenting the traditional Korean Onggi coil/paddle methods he learned during a 10 month apprenticeship with a South Korean master, Kim Il Maan a few years back.

Adam came bearing gifts from the Korean market in Salt Lake City, and we had a few folks over friday night to dine Korean style on our living room floor. The food was delicious. Somehow I was able to work some magic and the kids were asleep in the their beds before anyone arrived. I'm sure the first thing out of both of their mouths had they been awake would have been, "But Mom, you said we're not supposed to eat in the living room!"

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bfree clay said...

where's the soju in this picture? makaliiiiiii!