Sunday, November 28, 2010

Isla's Snow Gauge

The blizzard that came through here last Tuesday and what it left behind pales in comparison to the dump we've been getting this weekend. Thankfully no high icy winds, just lots and lots of snow.

It was almost eerily quiet this morning when we went out to shovel the driveway the first go round. And for most of the day, the roads seemed quiet and the flakes continued to fall. We opted for making some flakes of our own, and decorated some paper wreaths with what was left of the frozen bird berries on the bush outside.

We've decided that our fishbowl kitchen window will become this winter's snow gauge, and each day it snows we'll add to the collection of snowflakes.

So if you're in Logan, drive on by and check out Isla's snow gauge, or better yet bring your sled!

1 comment:

gladventurer said...

One of the joys of having an older sister to pull you long the snowy streets of Logan.
Love the snow gauge, like I said earlier we will all miss the views from this window.
HeH , there's a good book title Eden.