Friday, November 26, 2010

BBQ'd bird and Bongo Boarding

I think I'll celebrate Thanksgiving twice every year from now on. The last 3 years since moving to Utah, we've continued the tradition of celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving in October and a month later joined in on the American festivities without apologizing for it. I do love turkey dinner!

Last night we hosted the clay crew at our place for an evening of turkey, wine and pie. Not one, but two turkeys met their fate, and both were spectacular (many thanks to Trevor and Donna). Trevor smoked one on the barbeque while the other was roasted to perfection the ol' traditional way.
The kids were thrilled to have a house full of people milling about, laughing and sharing stories. Just about everyone had a turn visiting Isla, the esthetician, and we topped the night off with some good ol' bongo boarding. Thanks everyone!

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gladventurer said...

ctspeSounds like a wonderful time was enjoyed by all.
You'll all miss one another.