Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sore cheeks

I woke up this morning with a few more laugh lines and sore cheeks from laughing so hard at the sight of a group of crazies, ages 2 - 72 (including my own mother) racing pedal tractors around a dirt ring road. 

Last night the Medalta crew got together for a last hurray to celebrate a month of some serious ceramic making. The pedal tractor racing was most certainly a highlight of the party, but we also enjoyed some great food, a highly complex water balloon toss game, some balladiering and plenty more songs and stories around a very effectual pretend campfire (smoke machine, fluttering flames and ambiance lighting for authenticity of course). 

Our kids stayed up until the smoke machine was unplugged, putting the party to bed with grins on their faces and some memories in their minds, I am sure of it. 

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twohig's said...

looks like fun :) where in the world did you get so many of those tractors?
We are back from Reno. It was a very busy, but fun trip. It was nice to see all of our old Reno friends and eat at some of our favorite Reno places.
Logan has FINALLY warmed up :) tomorrow it is even suppose to be 90 degrees...We left for Reno wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts (under raincoats that is) and came back to shorts and tank tops :) it's great!
Miss you, but glad to read your summer seems fun so far!