Sunday, January 17, 2010

Making her mama proud.

Today made all those years of paying my CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor's Alliance) dues worthwhile. It was Isla's second day out on downhill skis and the conditions were perfect - bright and sunny, soft snow, warm temperatures, two happy and healthy children and a little friend along for motivation. 

We headed up to the local hill, Beaver Mountain and spent the good part of the day hanging out on the bunny hill. By the end of the day, Isla was cruising the strip and had mastered the magic carpet, much to her mother's delight. 

Roscoe, strapped to my back, took it all in and was doubly excited to be skiing with mom, which made teaching Isla a whole lot easier than I had hoped.  He hardly made a peep the whole time, other than to request "more fast mama". 


Julie MacMillan said...

So cute! If only I had the experience to have my kid strapped to me during a down hill ski! I'm worried just with cross country day! Craziness!

gladventurer said...

Way to go SKi-Mama.And another Mink descendant hits the slopes. whoo hoo!