Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh, to be two again

When you are two...

You wear camouflage overalls and everyone thinks you're adorable.
You can request a cuddle and get one whenever you need it.
Your latest trick is to snort like a pig and bok bok like a chicken. 
You can take long afternoon naps everyday.
You want to grow up and learn to surf like your dada. 
You can spend your entire day making nothing but vehicular sounds and no one thinks you are crazy.
Your entire universe revolves around bikes and milk. 
You love your big sister unconditionally even though she steals your toys and bosses you around. 
Your mother can't help but love you, even when you give her the stinkeye.  

 Happy Birthday little Tookey. We love you. 


gladventurer said...

and in your grandma lady's eyes as well as Papa Sam's you are the cutest little 2yr old ever.

We miss you.

Seamstress & Gardener said...

happy belated birthing day e. luv ya!!!!!!!!