Friday, November 27, 2009

The turkey shot we never got

We almost missed getting a photo again, on round two of Thanksgiving dinner 2009 at the DuPonts. I remembered to reach for my camera only halfway through Robin's carving process. It was a huge bird, and very delicious too! We were only too happy to share the holiday with fellow grads Megan and Sunshine who planned and orchestrated the meal entirely  - just in our kitchen so that we could celebrate with our kids and easily put them to bed. Which we were grateful for, especially since Isla's been feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of days. 
It was a fun evening of wine, way too much food and a traditional viewing of Chevy's Christmas Vacation - I had forgotten how funny that movie is. Happy Thanksgiving 'Merica! 

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dyeve said...

wonderful blog,interesting topics, cute people..crezy night..hihi..happy birthday!..smiles.