Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wind and Wailing

I don't know what seems to have been blowing more the last few days, the wind or Roscoe's nose! It's been stormy, rainy and rather miserable today and poor Roscoe's mood is to match since he's caught a rotten cold. The rest of us seem to be fighting it off, although I'm feeling on the brink but have managed to keep it at bay thus far.

We all had a fitful sleep last night, playing musical beds to try and keep at least the healthy child from getting woken up. Despite Roscoe's need for hourly attention during the night, it was actually the wind that kept me awake. 

We live right at the mouth of the canyon and every night without fail the wind comes gushing out to smack our little brick house square on. But last night it sounded more like a train wreck and felt like even the brick were being jostled around.  

Our hurdle into wet and weary weather has me wishing I could have somehow stuffed myself and the kids into my brother's backpack and wound up in Spain for the next couple of weeks. He and his girlfriend just flew across the pond to take part in a 17 day historical walking trail across northern Spain (800 km). Sounds both romantic and exciting......for them! Oh,  I just had a flash of drudging down the trail, carrying two kids on my back plus all our gear, with tiny voices continuously asking "when are we going to get there mommy?" On second thought, I think I'm better off here with the colds and the blowing wind. But best of luck to them, can't wait to see the pics...................

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