Monday, October 26, 2009

What to do about the flu?

Ahrrrr! I'm starting to get a little freaked out about this whole flu thing. People are getting sick all around us it seems, there is tons of media hype about the H1N1 virus right now, yet the vaccine seems still evasively unattainable. Besides, I feel like I'm still sitting on the fence whether to even get the darn thing. Right now only the kids would be eligible regardless of whether we all wanted to get it or not. The health department here, just like all over this country I can imagine, is experiencing a slow rollout of the vaccine and is limiting eligibility to those in higher risk categories. But with schools closing down due to mass exposure to the virus, and mixed stories about unforseen risks associated with getting the shot, I'm feeling a tad confused over the whole issue. 

We haven't quite barricaded ourselves in our home just yet. Although I admit I have been way more cautious in terms of selecting what social outings and public gatherings to attend this past week. We've been hanging with our pals that are all reportedly healthy and have had some fun with pumpkins this week as we lead up to Halloween this coming weekend. 

The kids and I biked down to the North Logan Pumpkin walk and met up with some friends to check out this annual pumpkin extravaganza. Last year we went at night in order to see it all lit up, but chose to see it by day this year so as to not have to deal with crowds and/or cranky children. This event draws people out by the thousands apparently, which we witnessed last year. But by going during the day, the kids were able to run around and even get some playground time in. 

We also acquired our own pumpkin to carve this week and took it over to Kate and Mike's place for a carving party. Funny how the idea of 'carving pumpkins' is seemingly a child friendly event, when really the whole aspect of preschoolers wielding large knives is perhaps not really that great of an idea. The kids vanished anyways and went off to play after a few minutes of getting their hands goopy and we parents were left to hack away at our artistic leisure. It was a fun night of eating chilli, making faces and talking about the swine flu!

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The Unknown Potter said...

Got my flu shot today-a 2 1/2 hour line-up here in Vernon... for under 65 "immune compromised", pregnant ladies and small children- that shot station was something to watch as we circled around the building in our line. Our kids will get theirs in a bit- their is a lot of discussion round here- but even a naturopath I know in town "does not advise against getting a shot" even with all the milder things you can do for your health.
Hope things go well for you there.