Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wood prep

Robin is getting ready to fire the train kiln this coming weekend so he's been busy this week firing bisque kilns, glazing and of course doing wood prep. The wood situation in this town is perplexing, especially since this program seems to have been built on it's reputation for wood firing. And when you wood fire, need wood! It seems the only wood that is easy to come by and affordable is cottonwood at the city dump - not an ideal species for high fire kilns. 

The students always seem to find/get/buy the wood they need though when it comes to firing the kilns. After all, that's what they're here to do. Fellow grad, Sunshine is also firing this weekend, the catenary arch wood kiln (not unlike the one we have back home in the Kootenays). It'll be a smokey weekend in the kiln compound, and who knows, there is even talk about firing up the pizza oven.  

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