Monday, July 6, 2009

Extended family

We've been here less a week and it already feels as though we are all one big family out here on the farm. We're not quite finishing each other's sentences and have a few details to work out for the divying of chores and such, but it's been great to share meals and childminding duties and feel at ease in one another's back pockets. 

It was Krispen's birthday today and we extended the celebrations over two days, the first with an afternoon at the lake and today with a big family supper. Much to Krispen (and Robin's) delight they were able to get out on their bikes both days. Robin is keen to be biking again in his old stomping grounds, on familiar trails with familiar faces. 


kate said...

Hi Eden, looks like a great summer so far. I am glad I get to read your blogs and hear about what you are up to. We miss you. I have sent you a couple of e-mails on yahoo about the house. Just thought I would let you know in case you are not checking regularly.
Enjoy a veggie or two for me :)

John said...


I don't know what kind of email access you two have, so I'm taking the liberty of using your blog. Could you get Robin to give me a call?