Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dirty toes and tan lines

We're in the thick of summer here and that means it's hot, hot, hot and the garden is going off! I've found the best time to work in the garden is in the early hours of the morning before the kids have woken up and the air temperature is a bit cooler and more bearable. Although, even by 9 a.m. these last few days it has been 30 degrees outside and even warmer in the green houses.

Ever since we arrived back at the farm here in the valley I have been blissing out on our incredible fortune to be staying here this summer, the experience is just so wonderful. Each day brings a new lesson in horticulture and living off the land. We've been staking peppers and pulling tomato suckers, thinning beets and carrot rows, top-watering plants and of course harvesting the fruits of our labour. I love looking down at my feet, moistened by the morning dew and revealing whether it's been a productive morning in the garden.

Those first few hours in the day are typically the most productive, and then my focus switches to breakfast and the continuous requests of small people for a little while. The kids though do seem thoroughly engaged in the chores and ongoings around the farm too. Roscoe is totally enamored with the chickens and will hang out and converse with them for hours if you let him.
Isla is a big helper as well alongside her pal Tamias, doling out twist ties for staking and running to and from the water tap to keep the mamas hydrated. The two of them also spend much of their time jumping on the trampoline and in the sandpit.

By the early afternoon we have been retreating to the coolness of the house or making a trip to the beach for a dip in the river to drop our body temperatures down a notch. Life here on the farm is all I assumed it would be - just lovely!

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