Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All things familiar

Some days it feels as though we never left the Slocan Valley and that our Utah adventures were all just a hazy dream. But then I take a look at my bank account and am rudely reminded that that isn't the case.

But regardless of the red, we know what we've taken on will be worth it in the end, that we will have experiences and meet people that we will hold on to forever. In the meantime however, it does feel great to be amongst all things familiar: the swimming hole, the coffee shop, the gas station/liquor store etc. And our cherished house made of straw on the mountainside. I do miss it. We know it is in good hands though which makes a huge difference. Cam has even been making improvements to our place where he can between his full time work as a contractor and his own ceramics career.

One thing that has been invaluable is that Robin was welcome to come back for this break and work in his own studio. Cam and his roommate Amanda made space so that Robin could come back and crank in the studio for a month, and that is exactly what he has been doing. Since we came back from our unexpected trip to Oregon he has been in the studio everyday and some nights. He is getting ready for a studio sale that we will be participating in on the 15th of August. It is part of a larger studio tour or artists and art venues in the greater Columbia Basin region, hosted and organized by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.

So he pumping out the pots this month in the hopes to make some income to help fund our ongoing adventures south of the border. It's sweet to see him in his own space again, slightly altered by the newcomers, but with the same plastic lined walls, behind that same muddy wheel, cranking out the work.

We have however been able to tear him away most days late in the afternoon to join us for a swim at that favorite local swimming spot. By 3 p.m. the heat of the afternoon is almost debilitating and a plunge in the river feels amazing. Isla and Roscoe have both frequented this sweet spot since before they were born, when I used to float around in there with my emerging pregnant belly attempting to try and beat the heat. And they are loving it at this age too, happy to throw rocks, eat snacks and take the occasional dip in the cool water. 

Some of us are not always as excited about the temperature of the water!

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kate said...

I am happy to see the stink eye is still around ;)