Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rain, rain go away

We've had several days of rain this past week. Big dark luminous clouds accompanied by choruses of rolling thunder have been the norm each afternoon. Our lawn was jungle deep when we took the opportunity to take a mower to it during a clear break in the afternoon today. But we've also had company which has kept us busy and distracted from the crummy weather. 

Robin's brother Jai arrived on Thursday after a two day drive south from Calgary on his motorbike. All the neighborhood kids have dropped by at some point since the red hot motor machine found a parking spot on our driveway, inquiring about the bike and its ownership. We keep telling them that we bought it for Roscoe, that we're going to skip the tricycle stage. 
It's been great having Jai here. The kids are enamored with him (and the bike), and Robin and he have been getting lots of guy stuff done. Prepping wood for an upcoming wood firing, a trip to the man store (hardware, workwear, all things tool-like) in Smithfield, sampling the various mexican restaurants for the best burrito in town. We even all ventured out for a hike in the woods on friday, with mostly clear skies we headed south and found the trailhead to a hike with a waterfall that our friends had recommended. 

It was a great hike, well worth the fussing that Roscoe made about being in the backpack. He is definitely starting to exercise his will these days, and puts up a fight when he doesn't get his way. But he did finally submit to being carried and promptly fell asleep for the walk back down the mountain once we reached to 25 foot waterfall. 

Tomorrow we're hosting a barbeque for the ceramics department folks. So we're hoping for some sunnier skies for the party. It should be a fun night, a summer get together/birthday celebration for one of the grad students/ farewell to our friend Joe who is headed to Ohio for a new job and Jai will get a chance to meet the crowd down here and share a few beers together before he heads home on Tuesday morning. 

Isla is sure going to miss her uncle Jai! 

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you and your family Eden! It's been stormy here as well with big dark clouds constantly looming, although not too much rain today. Jen's blessing way is tomorrow - she's looking very ready. You'll be just in time to meet a new baby.