Sunday, March 29, 2009

Protesting winter

This morning I woke up to what seemed like at least a foot of new fallen snow and blizzard conditions. Sigh! I really thought last week's storm was going to be it for winter weather, but no. I'm complaining, the daffodils and tulips that started to bloom are freaking out and the birds have all but vanished, again. 

So today, the kids and I protested winter. We chose not to shovel the driveway, not to bundle up in snowsuits, toques, mitts and scarves, nor did we venture out in the blustery weather to build a snowman or go tobogganing. 

Instead we hauled out the construction paper, glue and tape and made an "Ode to Spring" display on our massive kitchen window. The kids love this window and the shutters that go along with it. They gawk at the cars and people passing by, and today at all the churchgoers. Most mornings these shutters get opened up to let in the early sunshine in. But today they became the backdrop for some much needed images of spring. Flowers, green grass, butterflies and of course a big sun. We're hoping to send a message.  

Later while Roscoe was napping, Isla and I headed to the basement, far from being able to watch the snow pile up any longer. While Isla danced around and played with her toys, I dug out my sewing machine and fabric. My friend Kate had given me a catalog for kids clothing the other day that had some really cute and easy designs. Isla helped me pick out the fabrics from the assortment of mismatched odds and ends that I had. She was really good about playing the model and letting me take measurements over and over again. 

I figured today of all days would be the perfect day to make a summer dress. Take that winter!


gladventurer said...

Great summer dress .

Are you bringing it to Vegas?

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Take that winter...time for spring to finally show its true colours. Only 4 more sleeps til some warmth and sunshine

Team Indi said...

Dude, I'm like 5'1" and could use one of those for Friday night....