Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby news

No, I am not pregnant and have no plans to have any more children. (just to make that clear) 

Rather, we welcomed a new baby to the extended family this week. Robin's sister Dannielle and her husband John had a little boy on Tuesday. Auley Dennis McCallum is his name and he is already home and doing well and eliciting much curiosity from his 18 month old older brother Cian. 

I'm always astounded when I see a newborn these days, how little and fragile they seem at birth, amazed at how much they grow and develop in such a short time. Auley's birth has got me sentimentally looking at photos of my own boy when he was born, only 15 short months ago. I can hardly believe he has gone from this....

to this in a blink of an eye.....

Roscoe has always had a wonderful temperament, rarely without a smile on his face and totally laid back, happy to take on whatever is coming at him (even if it is his sister at full tilt).

I would say that Roscoe has officially graduated from the baby stage. He is now walking and climbing and communicating his wants and dislikes. He idolizes his big sister and is successfully mimicking her every move these days. He is determined to eat with a fork, sit at the big kid table, jump on the couch and push the baby stroller around and around and around and around, just like Isla. 

He's a big boy already it seems in so many ways. But as any mother would tell you, he'll always be my baby.    


gladventurer said...

Counting the days six more sleeps and I'll be in Vegas Baby with your BABY and his big sister!


Team Indi said...

Why is the gladventer not counting down the days until she sees me? I don't get it? I had no idea Danielle was pregnant...or did I just not listen when you told me? Fun times....18 months apart..

kate said...

awe...tear tear! Fun to see a picture of baby Roscoe! It is going too too fast!